Choose your own adventure- Basement edition, part 3

This is part 3 of a story examining the process of choosing a contractor. In part 1, we described the process David and Sarah went through to get estimates for their basement project. Part 2 discussed the results of David and Sarah choosing the cheaper contractor who included design for free. Below we’ll look at […]

Choose your own adventure- Basement edition, part 2

This is part 2 of a story examining the process of choosing a contractor. At the end of part 1, David and Sarah were deciding between working with 2 contractors. Let’s look at the results of one decision below. David and Sarah choose the less expensive contractor (we’ll call him Jim). They meet with Jim […]

Counter top options

Kitchen remodel Apple Valley MN

The options are endless for counter tops. In this post we’ll go over several of the most common material options, as well as some you may not have heard about. Granite. In the U.S. granite has been the counter top material of choice for more than a decade. It’s been used so much that it’s […]

Basement finish- choose your own adventure, part 1

There are many sayings out there about cost and value. While “you get what you pay for” is often accurate, I think it’s helpful to think about how that works out with respect to remodeling. To help make it easy to understand, I’ll give you an example in story form about a basement finishing project. […]

10 suggestions for spring home improvement projects

It’s almost spring and those mid-40’s temperatures and sun from last week make me think about winter ending! Grass emerging, trees budding, the fresh air coming in through windows! There’s nothing more exciting in Minnesota than the beginning of the warmer months.  If the warmer weather and sun of last week has you thinking that […]

The process of designing and building

There are four main methods to managing the design and construction process when remodeling your home. Before deciding how you’d like to handle your project, figure out what your priorities are. Do you want a unique design or something basic? Are there structural changes you’ll need to make? Do you want to have all choices […]

Remodeling and stress

You’ve thought about remodeling your home. Everyone has! There are so many changes you’d like to make, but the unknown of remodeling can be scary. You likely have a lot of questions. What’s the process like? Will there be expensive surprises? Will your house fall apart? Will your contractor discover a secret room full of […]