Meet the Founders

Our Story

I want to tell you a story. It’s the story of a little boy in North Carolina, and a little girl in Minneapolis. That little boy started trecking with his dad to jobsites every summer, starting at the age of 10. He learned how to use a hammer and nails. He learned how to make each space beautiful and functional. He brought his artist’s eye to everything he touched, along with that southern hospitality.

Meanwhile, that little girl was growing up in south Minneapolis, the daughter of a business owner, the granddaughter of a business owner. She didn’t know it then, but she was learning how to run businesses, how to treat customers, how to be honest and work with integrity no matter what it cost you. It’s the only way to do business. 

That boy would find his way to college in Minnesota where he met and married that girl in 1999. They went on to have six children, a dog, and two cats. It’s a beautiful chaos. 

Over the years, working for several different companies, Wade would take note of how they would do business. He would see things he liked and things that they would ask him to do that he would refuse to do. Money should never come before people, he would say. Doing things the right way, even if no one else knew you did, was the only way this man would operate. 

This firmly held belief and their shared values one day led Wade and Jess to decide that they wanted to work in a place that always put the customer first, always did things the right way, even when no one was looking. So in 2010, Simply Beautiful Remodeling was born. 

Using his artist’s eye, Wade envisions beautiful spaces with an unmatched level of talent and jaw dropping skill, communicated in his steady, even handed way. Along with Jess’s love of people and building strong, lasting connections, as well as her love for administration and details help create a company that enables them to deliver a premium product and experience for each and every client, the right way, every single day.

Wade and Jess are proud to run Simply Beautiful Remodeling. They are a company that operates in the traditional model, with Wade as a master builder. They have the background, expertise, and industry knowledge to approach your project in a holistic way, not as pieces to be done to collect a profit. Wade has a deep knowledge of skills from being raised up in this industry, as well as the the most cutting edge knowledge in proper procedures and design that will ensure the integrity of your project and your home for many, many years to come. We look forward to building something beautiful for you. 

Our Process

We have combined our strengths to bring a fresh perspective and a new life to tired and neglected homes around Minneapolis and the surrounding area.

With his eye for striking and dramatic visions – Wade creates gorgeous – unforgettable spaces.Using his incredible talent, skill and experience to create exclusive – but affordable – re-energized rooms, to delight, not just you and your family, but friends and neighbors too.

Jess’s love of people – and her admin and business skills – are brought into play on every job. Behind the scenes, she is negotiating the best deals on materials and supplies – making sure everything is delivered on time and within budget – and ironing out any hiccups.

Building something stunning, beautiful and lasting is what we do – that’s why we’re called Simply Beautiful Remodelling.


For discovery we dive in to what you are looking for. Sure we want to know what your general goals are, but we also want to know more about your personality and your inspiration so that we can put together the perfect design


We take that inspiration and generate concept drawings, floorplans, finishes, colors and other details to make sure that no stone is left unturned before the work begins


Once everything is set we get to work! Scheduling the construction to be as efficient as possible. We continue our detail oriented approach during construction to make sure that the finished result is the simply beautiful result you have imagined since day 1

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