It’s almost spring and those mid-40’s temperatures and sun from last week make me think about winter ending! Grass emerging, trees budding, the fresh air coming in through windows! There’s nothing more exciting in Minnesota than the beginning of the warmer months. 

If the warmer weather and sun of last week has you thinking that it would be nice to freshen up  your home, here are a few suggestions for home improvements for every budget.

Make a list

If there are more than a couple of things you need to do, start by making a list of projects. Walk around, look at each part of your home and think about what you like and don’t like. Remember the things that bother or embarrass you when people come over and add those items to the list. If something doesn’t work well, add that to the list. Don’t worry if you don’t know the solution, it’s a great first step to know the problem areas. Next, prioritize each item, and determine which items you can take care of yourself, which can be completed in a few hours or a weekend, and which will require professional help. This information will be a great start to accomplishing your goals!

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Interior painting

If you’re handy with a brush and roller, painting your walls can be a great way to breath new life into your home. Your walls provide the background for everything else so picking the right colors and doing a good job are really important. While airy grays are still popular, including more color can make rooms feel richer and add personality. Nervous about bold color statements? Use them in bathrooms, bedrooms, or bonus rooms instead of the main living areas to spice things up. For colors expected to be popular in 2020, check out Benjamin Moore and Sherman-Williams.

Wall paint isn’t just for decoration. It’s also a protective wear surface for your walls. Proper preparatory work and good-quality materials are necessary for your walls to look great and wear well. Crisp, steady lines and even application make as much of a difference in how things look as the colors you choose. If your painting skills aren’t as good as you’d like, hiring a professional is well worth the expense.

Cleaning carpets, rugs and other textiles

Anything in your home without a hard surface can harbor bacteria, germs and odors. Airing out the house by opening the windows for a few days when temperatures permit can help a lot. Air-fresheners can mask some smells, but their effects quickly fade away. Diffusing certain essential oils can help purify the air and get rid of unwanted odors. Having your carpets and upholstery professional cleaned can help a great deal, but it may also be time to install new carpet and replace furnishings. You could also change things up with hardwood or tile floors. 

Replacing window blinds

If your current window coverings are yellowed or damaged, you’ll love the effect new ones will have on your home. There are a lot of options on the market today, including light-filtering, room-darkening and black-out versions in multiple colors, patterns and different functionality. You can even install remote-controlled blinds. has a lot of great options.

Complete Kitchen Remodel

Much of our time indoors is spent in the kitchen. If your kitchen is worn or functioning poorly it should be fixed. Refinishing your kitchen cabinets is one option. You can make bold changes without completely tearing everything out. Refacing or painting your cabinets can make them look fresh and new. However, that won’t solve functional issues with your current kitchen design. Often by the time your cabinets are worn enough to refinish, there are other problems like mold and structural damage. 

Building a completely new kitchen can give you exactly what you want while improving functionality, too. If the project will be very involved, it’s a good idea to complete the project when you have access to your grill or other options for cooking that don’t require a full kitchen. This home improvement project will also add considerable value to your home. Simply Beautiful Remodeling specializes in kitchen remodels in the Minneapolis, MN area.

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Redecorating and adding artwork

It’s remarkable what an effect new furnishings can have on a room. A new couch, some new chairs and a few different pieces of artwork can completely transform a space. If all new furnishings isn’t practical, consider rearranging the room and adding items from other rooms or storage. Simply moving things around and adding 1-2 new accents can make an incredible difference. It may be helpful to have a friend or interior designer help with this. Fresh perspective and ideas can be the most important thing! If you’re looking for fresh new artwork, one of our favorite south Minneapolis artists is Jill Van Sickle

Adding built-in shelves

Cabinets and bookshelves not only provide storage and display opportunities, they make a room look more interesting and well-designed. These features can match your existing cabinets or trim, or they may be finished differently to look more like furniture pieces that stand out from the built-in parts of the room. They can be built with any style in mind to compliment your decor. Built-in cabinets and shelves are also a relatively inexpensive home improvement project that doesn’t have to make a big mess.

Landscaping improvements

Now is a great time to imagine what you’d like to see when you look out your windows! If new plants and trees are needed, look into what plants will grow well in your area. Make sure to consider the soil around your home. You may want to have your soil tested to find the pH level now so you know what amendments are needed when the time comes. If extreme landscaping changes are more appealing, you’ll want to talk to a landscape designer to make the changes you’ll love. Now is a good time to do that- work starts as early as weather allows, so starting your plans when it warms up means you’ll be waiting a while to have the work complete. 

Early spring cleaning

Winter in Minnesota slows everyone down. We sleep longer, we go out less, and we’re less physically active. Since we spend so much extra time indoors, things get dirtier and we are more affected by it. Thoroughly cleaning your home can make it fresher and more appealing in every way. Hiring someone to clean your home may be a good solution. Professionals know how to deeply and thoroughly clean, and you won’t have to deal with it. 

Bathroom remodel

Bathrooms take a beating. Old fixtures, broken faucets, hardware and tile aren’t very inviting. The older a bathroom is, the harder it is to keep clean and the dirtier it feels. Sprucing up a bathroom can be as simple as replacing hardware, the light fixture and painting the walls if everything else is in good shape. If things are worn out it’s time to renovate. Adding architectural details like wainscot paneling, crown molding or shiplap can enrich the room and give it a ton of character. Home improvement projects like bathroom remodels and master bathroom remodels are best completed by professionals. To avoid making common mistakes with a bathroom renovation, check out our blog post.

Hopefully this posts helps you think of ways home improvement can improve your life. If you need assistance with your home in the Minneapolis area, give Simply Beautiful Remodeling a call. We specialize in remodeling kitchens, bathrooms, finishing basements and additions with excellence. 

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